News  •  May 2, 2022

Regional Forum of National Ethnic, Linguistic and Religious Minorities in Vienna

On 2-3 of May, Mihail Platsinda, the president of the Youth Platform for Interethnic Solidarity had participated in the Regional Forum of National Ethnic, Linguistic and Religious Minorities in Vienna and got acquainted with the UN Special Rapporteur on minority Issues Fernand de Varennes and other colleagues from different countries in Europe and Central Asia.
"Such exchange of good practices is a very beneficial experience for our work. As the head of the Youth Platform for Interethnic Solidarity, I addressed the Forum with recommendations on the importance of paying special attention to young people from minorities, especially from regions. They are more vulnerable. We also stressed the importance of the intersectional approach to the subject of young people from minorities, because often young people may have more criteria of vulnerability than ethnicity, language or religion (for instance refugees, LGBTQ+, people with HIV, people with disabilities, etc.). The name of this year's Regional Forum is Review, Rethink, Reform. Young people should be a force that can contribute to these actions!"
Special thanks to Tom Lantos Institute for the opportunity to participate in the Forum!
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