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Youth Platform for Interethnic Solidarity

A non-governmental organization operating in the Republic of Moldova and created in 2016 by eleven graduates of the internship program of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Moldova, with the aim of representing and promoting the rights of national, ethnic, linguistic and religious minorities.

The idea of ​​creating an organization dedicated to the promotion and protection of human rights and minority issues arose after the Universal Periodic Review (November 2016), when the Republic of Moldova received a large number of recommendations on working with minorities and protecting their rights.

Youth Platform for Interethnic Solidarity
Youth Platform for Interethnic Solidarity
Youth Platform for Interethnic Solidarity
Youth Platform for Interethnic Solidarity
Youth Platform for Interethnic Solidarity

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Minority Youth Moldova Strategic Directions
Our mission

Our mission is to consolidate efforts to create a tolerant society that respects, promotes and encourages the rights of national, ethnic, linguistic and religious minorities.

We promote the active participation of representatives of minorities in the social and political life of the Republic of Moldova, and also work on the integration of minorities into Moldovan society in order to ensure the democratic development of the country

Our goals
  • Building a dialogue with authorities in order to promote ethnic, religious and linguistic diversity through lobbying and advocacy;
  • Combating discrimination, xenophobia and racism towards representatives of minorities;
  • Promotion and monitoring of human rights through information and educational activities;
  • Promoting cultural diversity and identity by strengthening relations between representatives of ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities;
  • Promotion of active youth in regions predominantly inhabited by minorities;
  • Effective governance in regions with predominantly minority population;
  • Conflict prevention and interethnic consolidation;
  • Development and education of young people from minorities.
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Team Minority Youth Moldova
Mihail Platsinda
Mihail Platsinda President
Mihai Peicov
Mihai Peicov Program Manager
Dmitrii Calugareanu
Dmitrii Calugareanu Financial Manager
Elvira Baranetskaia
Elvira Baranetskaia Office Manager
Anghelina Gaidarji
Anghelina Gaidarji Regional Coordinator (Minority Hub Taraclia)
Nadejda Peeva
Nadejda Peeva Regional Coordinator (Minority Hub Gagauzia)
Renata Grădinaru
Renata Grădinaru Regional Coordinator (Minority Hub Balti)
Do you want to join a power team?

The Youth Platform for Interethnic Solidarity is always happy to welcome new team members, volunteers and all those who want to improve their human rights skills.

For all questions, please contact by mail - minority.youth.moldova@gmail.com 

Support young minority activists in Moldova and our projects

Minority Youth Moldova is looking for new partnerships or funding opportunities that, through joint activities, will contribute to the development of the promotion and development of minority rights in the Republic of Moldova.

For more information on how to make a donation or create a partnership with MYM, please contact us at minority.youth.moldova@gmail.com

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